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Canned Mushroom

May. 19, 2021

We use high quality fresh raw materials and choose the best raw materials for processing. Our quality inspectors will carry out three steps to select the best raw materials. We will try our best to keep the diameter of each mushroom uniform.

Canned MushroomCanned Mushroom

Our production process:

1. Select the fresh mushrooms with the best quality for washing, cleaning and selection, re select after boiling, check the filling condition of empty cans, check the weight, add soup and seal the cans.

2. Send the sterilization, cooling, identification, drying code to the warehouse

3. Label and load into container for shipment

Canned MushroomCanned Mushroom

Our best-selling can specifications: 130g, 250g, 400g.You can choose or customize more sizes of cans. We must try our best to meet the special requirements of each customer. Here is the design of the empty can. We can design advertising patterns for customers for free.

Canned Mushroom

Canned whole mushroom is rich in starch and fiber. And it is extensively used as an ingredient in various foods, such as pizza, soup and so on.

Canned MushroomCanned Mushroom

Our vegetables are picked at the peak of perfection and conveniently packed so you can have the fresh taste of canned vegetables year-round.

We have canned slice mushrooms and canned whole mushrooms, mixed sliced mushrooms and sliced stems. You can choose the right canned mushroom according to different ingredients and cooking methods.

Canned Mushroom Pieces and Stems come pre-sliced so you can just drop them into your recipe without the need to chop. You can use them in tasty omelettes, casseroles and more.

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